About Us

Mediator is one of the manufacturers engaged in researching and developing electric sweepers and electric sweeping trucks at home.
Mediator sticks to constantly striving for perfection as its working attitude and takes incessant innovation as its spirit, thus making Mediator brand set up a favorable image in the environmental sanitation and clean-keeping industries.
Mediator adheres to learning in the developing process, adopts the ERP management system in production and management. Our perfect labor union system makes the employees keep a positive attitude towards life and work hard.
Mediator would like to conduct a thorough revolution to traditional tools not only with those who provide cleaning service but also with those who love to live a happy life, so as to make mechanical operations serve the mankind better.

After Sales

Warranty & Maintenance
Machines warranty is 13months upon delivery exclusive wearing parts like brushes, strap, filter, fuse etc. Lithium battery warranty is Three years.

Maintenance range

In the following use cases, no maintenance
1, Not according to the maintenance manual to make the maintenance, caused to mechanical damage or malfunction
2, Improper operation caused the mechanical appearance or structure damaged
3, Without the factory agreement, disassemble or remodel
4, Damage due to weather or force majeure reason
5, Consumable parts (main brush/side brush/belt/pulley/filter)
6, More than 1 year warranty or use more than 2000 hours